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If you are planning to host any kind of celebration, wedding or a corporate event – restaurant Franš may be the perfect choice. With our professional staff and years of experience, everything is served quickly and in the most discrete way, leaving you only one task – to enjoy.  We have few delicious set of menus, that can be adapted according to your taste. Our carefully chosen wine list ideally accompanies our menus, with over 750 varieties that references every corner of the globe.

We focus on premium ingredients, chosen with care. Our cuisine is founded on the freshness of the ingredients and flawless processing. All dishes are prepared at the time of order, without preservatives, chemicals, processed materials and powders. Ingredients that are not thermally processed in the restaurant, are tested in our own laboratory on daily basis. Our seafood menu is fresh, coming from a network of fisherman on the Aegean Sea, Adriatic Sea and North Sea, with a special tag stating the date and the place of the catch. Our signature is recognizable on meat dishes. We prepare beef in aging chambers, for several weeks – before we cut it into steaks. This process helps steak develop complete flavour and it makes it far more tender. At the end – we  grill steaks on charcoal. That is the taste of Franš’s fine gastronomy. We search for unique ingredients and we use only biological products, with excellent quality and origin. Our bread is baked every day in the restaurant bakery, without any additives as our desserts – which come from our own pastry, with season fruits or fruits that were frozen at the restaurant.

Restaurant can accommodate 180 guests indoors, while the garden area offers place for 350 guests (260 places are covered). If you are hosting a smaller group (up to 30 guests), we can offer you a private area, indoor or outdoor.
Valet parking on site.

For further information, please contact us via email: